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The Veritis Line Panasonic

WA Prefinished Sliding Door [Complete Package]

Panasonic WA Sliding


Light Insert:


Hardware Finish:

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Product Details

The Veritis sliding line is comprised of a selection of modern, transitional and traditional designs. The natural-looking beauty of wood is achieved using materials that combine the look of a beautiful wood grain that is as strong as durable. Our unique suspended track system and magnetic guide pin eliminates the use of traditional tracks on the floor which can trap dirt and grime, keeping your space open and clean. With Panasonic sliding doors, you can connect spaces, incorporate light and easily change the floor plan to suit your needs.

Key Features

  • Custom doors are delivered pre-finished and are available in a variety of finishes and colours
  • Designed without edging and seams, providing protection against peeling and chipping while offering a seamless appearance
  • Metal frame inside the door combined with our unique honeycomb structure ensures our doors are light but strong
  • Unique suspended track system
  • Selection of door panel, frame and hardware