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Brick Collection Timberwall



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Back to basics, the simplicity of a pure, inspiring natural and minimalist design. Create a set, a pattern, a unique canvas with each piece that composes it.

• Dimensions: Planks are multi-length: 13 pcs of 7 7/8’’ (length), 13 pcs of 11 13/16’’ (length) and 13 pcs of 19 11/16’’ (length), 2 3/4’’ (width) and multi-thickness: 3/8’’ and 11/16’’ (thick).
• Packaging: Each box contains 39 pieces and covers 9.8 sq.ft.
• Wood: The Brick Collection is made from 100 % dried pine wood with three predetermined lengths and two thicknesses, offering a natural finish that can be dyed or left as is to match your interior.
• Application : Peel and Stick

Note: Color may vary from screen representation. Multiple wood stain color arrangements in each and every box.